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Delicious Sugar Free Beverages to Aid Your Candy Coma Recovery

To help you recover from your Halloween induced candy coma, here are some delicious sugar-free beverage ideas from the past few months. Enjoy these three easy, tasty ideas to re-establish your inner balance (before the Holiday season starts!).

As well, thanks to Natalie Langston, the Health & Fitness reporter for BC Living for featuring Bonne O in an article about how to get enough water into your healthy lifestyle. Take a look here at the article for some good ideas!

Sparkling water infused with oranges & lime is a great balance of tart & sweet and can be enjoyed anytime as a healthy treat. Mandarin oranges are a great choice since they are easy to peel and readily available year-round. I recommend peeling and cutting the mandarin sections in half to allow the flavours to enter the sparkling water. A path to recovery from any Holiday excess, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc...


Sparkling Iced Tea has the advantage of adding flavour without sugar to any sparkling water. Use your favourite tea bag. The explosion of tea flavours in the past few years means there are a lot of choices. One favourite around our office is Raspberry Blackcurrant tea.  There is no need to sweeten it, it already tastes incredible!


The final contender for your Candy Coma recovery aid is an Apple & Cinnamon Infused Sparkling Water. The added advantage of this Sparkling Water is that it has the scent of an apple pie with none of the calories. It is so easy to make and is a great way to make Sparkling Water seasonally relevant in the fall!