Drink More Water By Making It Delicious

Drink More Water By Making It Delicious

We all know we should drink more water. By making your water delicious, you'll want to drink more. Sparkling & infusing berries is a quick & easy way to make your water delicious!


To sparkle & infuse berries into your water, follow these quick steps. First, select your favourite berries & slice them in half.  This will help the flavours to transfer. Add a handful of sliced berries to your Bonne O bottle.

Top up the bottle to the rim with cold water.  Fill the flavour chamber with water and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.

Close up the system & press the button.

When complete, either open the bottle or leave it sealed in the refrigerator to chill. The longer you leave the bottle sealed, the stronger the infusion. If the bottle is very cold when it is opened, fewer bubbles will form on the fruit and the water will be more bubbly. If you are opening immediately after sparkling, be sure to use very cold water and/or add ice to the bottle so that the bottle doesn't bubble over when you open it.

Enjoy drinking more water - it's easy when it's delicious!


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