Fall Fruit Infusion: Use Any Fruit, Fresh, Frozen or Dried

Fall Fruit Infusion: Use Any Fruit, Fresh, Frozen or Dried

For fun fall fruit infusions try dried fruit and fall spices. Some early season fruit are harder to find but trying dried fruit creates a whole new range of easy, delicious & healthy hydration possibilities!


To create this fall infusion, add a few slices of dried fruit and a stick of cinnamon to the bottle. We used some dried apricots and berries but any dried fruit will work. Using smaller pieces will increase the surface area of the fruit available to infuse.

Top up the bottle with cold water, fill the flavour chamber with water and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Close up the system and press the button to sparkle & infuse.

When complete you can open & enjoy or place the sealed and sparkled bottle in the refrigerator for later. The longer the ingredients remain under pressure, the stronger the infusion. Cinnamon infuses immediately while some dried fruit can benefit from an extra hour in the bottle. Adjust the ingredients and time to your taste! Enjoy! Plus, keep in mind that the rehydrated fruit makes a tasty snack after drinking your infused sparkling water!

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