From Garden to Glass - Watermelon & Basil Sparkling Infusion

From Garden to Glass - Watermelon & Basil Sparkling Infusion

Time to add some taste to your hydration! Infuse the slightly sweet taste of watermelon and the smooth taste of basil. Perfect for summer sipping.


To make this Watermelon Basil Sparkling Water, add some cubes of watermelon and a couple sprigs of basil to your Bonne O bottle.

Top up the bottle to the rim with cold water. Fill the flavour chamber with water and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Close up the system & press the button to sparkle & infuse.

When you remove the sparkled & infused bottle from the system it is fully sealed. The longer you leave the ingredients in the bottle under pressure, the stronger the infused flavours. If the bottle is cold when you open it, fewer bubbles will form on the watermelon. Either refrigerating after making or adding some ice with the ingredients will make the bottle contents cooler. When you're ready, open, pour & enjoy!

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