Go Beyond Green Beer with a Shamrock Spritzer!

Go Beyond Green Beer with a Shamrock Spritzer!

At your St. Patrick's Day party, offer an alternative to green beer! Try this Shamrock Spritzer. Easy to make, refreshing & green!


To create this Shamrock Spritzer, fill the bottle with cold white wine (or go lighter with a half cold white wine / half cold water mix). Fill the flavour chamber with a green juice. We used an apple / lime juice but select your preference. The apple lime juice was more apple than lime so it worked well. Fruity over highly acidic works better here. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.

Close up the system & press the button to sparkle!

When finished, you can store the bottle sealed and sparkled in the refrigerator until the party. Enjoy this festive companion to green beer!



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