Heathy Hydration for Your Post-Turkey Recovery

Heathy Hydration for Your Post-Turkey Recovery

Enjoy too much turkey this Thanksgiving?  Recover with healthy & delicious hydration. Keeping water interesting is the key to getting enough. Try mandarin & limes infused into the water for great taste along with the bubbles.


Creating fruit infused sparkling waters is fast & easy. Simply take your favourite fruit and place it in the bottle. We combined the sweet taste of mandarin oranges and the acidity of lime. Sweet + acids often go well together. Cutting the fruit segments allow the flavors to pressure infuse into the water during sparkling.

Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber and fill the flavour chamber with water. Close up the system & sparkle! The pressure and agitation in the bottle squeezes the flavours of the mandarins & lime into the water creating a healthy and tasty sparkling water.

When the sparkle cycle is complete, the bottle is sealed and sparkled. The longer you refrigerate the pressurized bottle contents the stronger the flavours will infuse. Open when you're ready to enjoy. Fruit infused sparkling water is just what you need for your post-turkey recovery!

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