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Keep your Hydration Healthy, Interesting & Delicious this Harvest Season

Infuse the taste of the autumn harvest in your glass with slices of pear, apple and a cinnamon stick. Keep your hydration healthy, interesting & delicious this harvest season!


To create this Apple & Pear Infused Sparkling Water, add slices of apple & pear to your Bonne O bottle. Optionally add a stick of cinnamon to add a hint of fall spice. It blends nicely with the apple & pear hints. Use the ripest apples & pears you have - the riper, the better the flavour transfer, particularly with the pear.

Top up your Bonne O bottle to the rim with cold water, fill the flavour chamber with water and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Close up the system & press the button to sparkle & infuse!

When complete you can either pour & enjoy now or store sealed in the refrigerator for later. The longer the ingredients remain sealed in the pressurized bottle the stronger the infused flavours will become. Enjoy your healthy harvest hydration - keeping hydrated has never been so easy & interesting!