Light, Bubbly & Refreshing Mimosa Spritzers!

Light, Bubbly & Refreshing Mimosa Spritzers!

After settling into your new fall routine, it's nice to take some time for brunch with friends. A Fall Brunch Mimosa Spritzer is a great treat over conversation. It is light, with half the alcohol of a regular mimosa, and extra refreshing. Perfect for catching up with friends at your fall brunch.


To create a Mimosa Spritzer, half fill your Bonne O bottle with cold water and optionally a few ice cubes. Fill the other half of the bottle with chilled white wine. Fill the flavour chamber with orange juice, preferably pulp-free, and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.

Close up the system, press the button and sparkle! With your Bonne O you will sparkle the water, wine and orange juice resulting in a great, bubbly mimosa spritzer. You can see the orange juice enter the bottle from the flavour chamber, followed by the bubbles of CO2.

Once complete, you can store your sealed bottle of Mimosa Spritzer in the fridge until brunch is served or open now, pour and enjoy. Brunch can be busy with a lot of dishes being prepared simultaneously so sometimes it's nice to make the Mimosa the night before. Enjoy!

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