Make Some Bubbly for Someone Special

Make Some Bubbly for Someone Special

Turn your favourite wine into bubbly for someone special! Making bubbly at home is perfect for a cozy Valentine's Day. The hardest part is picking your wine, after that it's easy.


Sparkling wine with your Bonne O is quick & easy.  Take a bottle of refrigerator chilled white wine and fill the flavour chamber with it, then pour the rest into the bottle. Add more wine or a few ice cubes to the bottle to get the fluid level to the rim if there is head space remaining. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber and close up the system.

Press the button and sparkle your wine!  Any wine will sparkle, so long as it is cold. Most commonly whites and rosés are sparkled, although reds work too. I find reds make a bit of a mess in carbonation chamber and needs extra cleaning. A simple rinse cycle will suffice after sparkling whites and rosés. Remember that you don't need to use a carbonator for a rinse cycle, just fill the flavor chamber and the bottle with cold water and let the Bonne O run for 30 seconds or so to run some water through the system.

 When the sparkle cycle is complete, you can open the bottle and enjoy or store sealed and sparkled in your refrigerator until later. Enjoy your cozy, bubbly Valentine's Day!

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