Replace Sugary Sodas with a Perfectly Customized Sparkling Water for You!

Replace Sugary Sodas with a Perfectly Customized Sparkling Water for You!

If you drink a lot of sparkling water as we do, you enjoy your sparkling water customized to your tastes. It's more than just a glass of water, different styles have different tastes and feelings on your tongue as you drink it. Here are 5 tips to help you create your perfectly customized sparkling water.

For those trying to eliminate sugary sodas, these tips can help. It's worth the effort. A Study was released in the Journal of American Medical Association last week recommending zero consumption of sugary soda. Dramatic stuff. Here is a healthy alternative to get started.


The 5 tips for creating a sparkling water that is perfectly customized for you are:

#1 Use Cold Water. The reason is science. Cold water absorbs CO2 better than warm water. The colder the water you use to sparkle, the better and longer lasting the bubbles.

#2 Use Filtered Water. Sparkling water will accentuate the taste of any tap water. If your tap water is delicious, no need to filter.  If your tap water tastes like chlorine or other flavours you don't enjoy use a simple charcoal filter pitcher like a Brita. Since this also stores your water in the refrigerator it's a double bonus - filtered & cold!

#3 Infuse Some Fruit and/or Herbs. This allows an enormous range of customization.  Infuse the real taste of anything from your kitchen or garden to keep your water interesting and add a hint of flavour without any artificial ingredients.

#4 Put Ice in the Bottle. During the sparkling process the water will warm up slightly due to contact with the bottle and the system itself.  By adding a bit of ice you can keep the water temperature as cold as possible during the sparkling process.

#5 Store a Few Bottles in the Refrigerator. Since your bottles are sparkled and sealed in the bottle, make a few in the morning to last for the evening or week. We make a few bottles every morning as we get breakfast, tea & coffee ready.  It's easy to multi-task and avoid carrying heavy bottles of water home when shopping.

Hope these tips help you to enjoy the perfect sparkling water for you. No matter what type you enjoy best, you body will enjoy the sugary soda you DIDN'T drink.


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