Sparkle a Heart Healthy Hibiscus Tea

Sparkle a Heart Healthy Hibiscus Tea

Prevention Magazine says, "Now there's exciting research backing up hibiscus tea's medicinal benefits, especially for heart health." So we've shared a sparkling version of this heart healthy tea for you to enjoy this February - Heart Health Month!


To create this heart healthy beverage add a stick of cinnamon, a hibiscus tea bag and optionally a couple slices of oranges to the bottle. If you don't see hibiscus tea, keep in mind that many flavoured teas have hibiscus tea as their first ingredient. We used a raspberry pomegranate tea that has hibiscus tea as its base. The extra red fruit taste is a bonus!

Fill the flavour chamber with a half orange juice & half water and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. 

Close up the system, press the button & sparkle!

When you open the bottle bubbles will form on the tea bag. So open the bottle over the sink and after opening, pull out the tea bag and drop in the sink. This will make it easier to pour & stop the bubble formation. You want those bubbles in your drink, not released by the tea bag. Pour & enjoy!

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