Sparkle & Infuse a Healthy Indulgence for Anytime

Sparkle & Infuse a Healthy Indulgence for Anytime

Why not elevate your sparkling creations while enjoying them? When you've added fresh fruit, mint and a hint of lime, you've created an elegant blend of natural flavours. Try enjoying it in your stemware. It will help the fruit scents make their way to your nose and keep your drink cool as you sip it. It's an anytime healthy indulgence so enjoy the taste, look and feel.


To create this healthy indulgence, add sliced strawberries & blackberries, a slice of lime and a sprig of mint to the bottle. Fill the bottle to the rim with cold water.

Fill the flavour chamber with water and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Close up the system, press the button & sparkle!

As the pressure in the system rises and the fruit and water move, the fruit flavours are lightly infused into the water. The lime adds a tart structure to the drink and the mint adds freshness.

When it's ready you can put the bottle sealed and sparkled in the refrigerator for later or open now to enjoy. Grab your stemware instead of your regular glass. It has three advantages. One, the curve of the glass will push the delicate fruit scents to your nose. Two, holding the stem keeps your drink chilled. Three, it adds a bit of fancy to an anytime indulgence! This is a treat you can feel good and look good drinking.



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