Sparkle & Sip a Summer Vanilla Mint Iced Tea

Sparkle & Sip a Summer Vanilla Mint Iced Tea

Take a moment to relax and enjoy the warm days of summer with a sparkling vanilla mint iced tea. It's a refreshing treat that's easy to make in minutes with your Bonne O using a tea bag.


To make a Sparkling Vanilla Mint Iced Tea, place two black tea bags in the bottle and a few sprigs of mint. Add a few ice cubes and then fill the bottle to the rim with cold water.

Now create the vanilla sweetener. You can sweeten to taste. We added a teaspoon of vanilla and three teaspoons of sugar to a glass with a half cup of water. Mix this vanilla sweetener mixture then pour it into the flavour chamber. Add a carbonator to the carbonation chamber.

Close up the system, press the button and sparkle!

When the sparkle cycle is complete, you can either open and pour or place the sealed and sparked bottle in the refrigerator for later. The longer you leave the tea bags in the pressurized bottle, the stronger the infused tea flavours will be. Enjoy, preferably in the shade on a hot day!


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