Sparkle Spa Water & Add Some Relaxation to Any Afternoon

Sparkle Spa Water & Add Some Relaxation to Any Afternoon

To add a bit of relaxation to any afternoon, try sparkling a spa water. It's a tasty, refreshing alternative that will also keep you hydrated & healthy.


Creating this spa water is easy and only takes a few minutes. Of course, finding the right background zen tunes and building a chill-out room can be more involved. For the drink, add a couple of cucumber slices and mint sprigs to your Bonne O bottle and fill it to the rim with cold water.

Fill the flavour chamber with water and add a carbonator to the carbonation chamber. Close up the system & press the button. Sparkle & infuse! You'll see the cucumber turn almost translucent and the mint go dark green in places as the natural flavours are squeezed out of them into the water.

When complete, you can either store the sealed and sparkled bottle in the refrigerator for later or open and enjoy. Keep in mind that the longer the bottle is sealed and sparkled with the ingredients inside, the more intense the infused flavours will be. Cucumber infusions can get pretty strong, so if you're making for later consider one vs. two cucumber slices.

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