Sparkle Up Your Holiday Party

Sparkle Up Your Holiday Party

Who turned on the holiday music in the stores? Whether you need to sparkle up your holiday party or get the gift that keeps on giving, Bonne O sparkles everything!  Today we feature a Holiday Spritzer. Pretty, bubbly and tasty. Plus lighter than sparkling wine alone. Perfect for this year's Holiday Party and over the holiday season.

To create this Holiday Spritzer, fill your Bonne O bottle halfway with cold water and top up the bottle to the rim with cold white wine. Fill the flavour chamber with white wine and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.

Optionally, put some pomegranate seeds in the bottle before the water and wine. The flavour of the pomegranate will not transfer since the seeds are sealed in their skins but it looks great when you sparkle the bottle and each drink you pour will have a few pomegranate seeds for garnish and a post-sip burst of pom flavour when you pop the seed. The look and taste of the holidays!

Close up the system & sparkle!

After sparkling you can refrigerate the sealed bottle until the party or if you made it at the party, open immediately. This spritzer has the look and bubbles of the holidays, but half the alcohol.  Perfect to kick off your Holiday Party or anytime during the holidays.

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