Sparkle Your Fall Tea with a Real Tea Bag

Sparkle Your Fall Tea with a Real Tea Bag

Did you know that you can sparkle tea using a real tea bag? Create an all natural sparkling tea using your favourite type of tea. Try sparkling the fall flavours of chai tea. Sweetened with a touch of honey, it's a savoury & refreshing fall treat!


Sparkling your tea couldn't be easier. For a sparkling chai tea place the tea bag and a cinnamon stick in the Bonne O bottle and top up the bottle to the rim with cold water. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber and dissolve some honey in water and place the sweetened water in the flavour chamber. We used a tablespoon of honey, but sweeten to your preferred taste.

Close up the system & sparkle!

When the cycle is complete your sparkling tea is ready. Keep in mind that if you refrigerate your sealed bottle before opening, the tea flavours will become increasingly intense. The savoury, aromatic chai tea flavours are a refreshing twist on a fall afternoon. Enjoy!

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