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Step Up Your Sparkling Water with a Pom, Apple & Cinnamon Infusion

Infuse the tastes of pomegranate, apple & cinnamon into your sparkling water for a taste boost. Now it's easy to enjoy something that is healthy & delicious!


To create this healthy treat, add a cinnamon stick, pomegranate seeds and apple slices to your Bonne O bottle. You can use fresh apple or dried apple.  Here we've tried dried apple. It adds a bit of extra sweetness since the apple flavour is a bit more concentrated.

Fill the bottle to the rim with cold water. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber and fill the flavour chamber with cold water. Close up the system and press the button to sparkle & infuse!

The natural flavours of apple, cinnamon and a bit of pomegranate are infused into the water. When the cycle is complete, you can take the sealed bottle and refrigerate it until you are ready to enjoy or open now.

With every sip, a pomegranate seed will float and slip into your mouth. Pop each one for a delicious burst of pom flavour added to apple & cinnamon. Delicious & healthy has never been easier!