Take Control of Your Beverages by Using Real Ingredients

Many people are trying to reduce their processed food intake and increase their real food consumption. Time for beverages to follow that path. Replace the chemicals & processed ingredients in soda with your own citrus soda made with real fruit infused in water.


Creating your all natural citrus soda is easy. Just add a few segments of grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime to your Bonne O bottle then fill it to the rim with cold water.

Add a carbonator to the carbonation chamber and fill the flavour chamber with water. You can stir a couple of teaspoons of sugar into the flavour chamber water if you prefer, but personally the fruit and water is perfect. Close up the system & press the button.

When complete, either place the sparkled and sealed bottle in the refrigerator for later or open now and enjoy the all natural goodness of real ingredients!