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Turning Healthy into Fun for Kids!

Ensuring our kids eat and drink healthy can be a struggle. It's easier when healthy is fun. Let your kids choose their favourite fruit / juice combinations and help make their own bubbly beverage. Using Bonne O it will have 80% less sugar than juice or soda alone.


Kids love watching a Bonne O turn real ingredients into bubbly treats. By letting your child pick their favourite fruit and juice combination and help to make the drink, they will love the result. Let them pick interesting combinations like strawberries & grape juice or oranges & fruit punch. Here we have taken a few sliced grapes and grape juice. Place the grapes in the bottle & top the bottle up to the rim with cold water. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber and fill the flavour chamber with grape juice.

Press the button and sparkle! Kids love to watch as the juice presses into the water like a lava lamp and the fruit dances in the bottle. Plus the pride of creating your own drink creation means that the final result will be delicious. You'll love it since the fruit juice volume of the total drink is only 20% of the beverage volume. The result has 80% less sugar and great taste enhanced by bubbles + real fruit to munch on between sips. That's fun for everyone!