Creative 10 Year-old Outwits Big Soda

In breaking news, a very creative and industrious 10 year old from Toronto has outwitted big soda with a healthier, tastier creation!  "Way way better!" than sugary, HFCS alternatives she says. Her parents agree. She needed the right drink to accompany her BBQ lunch. She decided that her All Natural Juice Infused Grapes Craft Soda was the perfect pairing. It was an extra solid choice because she got to eat the grapes as well. 

Her directions are as follows. Put some grapes and ice cubes in the bottle.  Fill the bottle to the rim with very cold water. Fill the flavor chamber with an orange/passion fruit/raspberry juice blend (or your favorite juice). Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber & close up the Bonne O. Push the button and watch the grapes bounce around as it is carbonated. Open and enjoy. Optionally share with your younger sister and brother.

Thanks for sharing! If you have a Bonne O drink idea - and great photographic eye like this Toronto mom & all-around superstar, we would love to share it. Email yours to People are creating with their new Bonne O's and amazing new ideas are sprouting! If you have questions, please contact us anytime via our website or 1-866-891-1445 during business hours.

In other news, we are on shelves in the United States! Here are some pictures from Bed Bath & Beyond stores in California and the New York area. The displays look great!

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