How Pressure Infusion Works

Pressure infusion allows you to squeeze the natural flavors of real ingredients into your beverage. Pressure infusion works by creating a highly pressured environment inside a bottle where real ingredients are surrounded by the beverage fluid. The combination of high pressure plus agitation for the proper duration of time allows the ingredients' flavors and essences to be squeezed directly into the beverage fluid.

Plus the carbonation is spectacular. Very strong, very powerful. The reason is that your Bonne O takes the proper amount of time to ensure that the CO2 is fully adsorbed into the water and the ingredients. It is a timed cycle, and the scientifically determined consistency ensures a fabulous infused sparkling water. Here is a comparative carbonation intensity study.

Until now the only place that you could add ingredients to a sealed bottle was in an industrial bottling factory. A Bonne O is effectively a mini-bottling facility on your kitchen counter. Since the production and consumption location are the same, you can add any fresh natural ingredient you want. If the factory added fresh food without preservatives to their bottles it would not survive the trip to your kitchen. Change the production method to fresh & local and you change the beverage possibilities!

There are thousands of new creations possible. We'll show three examples here, but sign up for our email for a new idea every week.

1) Infuse real, fresh ingredients from your kitchen into your water. Take your favorite fruit, herb or vegetable and put it in the bottle before carbonating. Through the carbonation cycle the flavors of the ingredient will infuse throughout the entire beverage. This is very different from simply dropping a lemon wedge in carbonated water. This is natural flavor infusion - the entire drink is permeated with the flavor and it allows great creative combinations - cucumbers & lime, watermelon & mint, lemon & lime, etc. Note that after carbonation, your Bonne O bottle is sealed and unopened for freshness. The pressure infusion process will continue in the pressurized, sealed bottle until you open it. The flavors can become quite intense over time!

2) Pressure infuse tea into your beverage for sparkling iced teas. People that love sparkling iced teas enjoy the health benefits of tea. However, most sparkling iced teas are laden with sugars and preservatives. For an all natural sparkling iced tea place a tea bag and real ingredients like some fresh mint or lemon wedges in the bottle prior to carbonation. If desired, sweeten to taste with a bit of cane sugar, honey or agave syrup dissolved in a half cup of water and poured into the flavor chamber prior to carbonation. 100% natural, enjoy!

3) Full flavor, half sugar sodas infused with natural fruit. As an example, a half-sweetened lemonade enhanced with real lemon infusion. To do this place a few segments of lemon in the bottle prior to carbonation and use a half lemon syrup / half water solution in the flavor chamber.  This it tastes better than the full sugar alternative due to the natural fruit flavor enhancement. Delicious, full flavor and better for having used real ingredients. Do the same with oranges in a half-sweetened orange soda or ginger wedges in a half-sweetened ginger ale. Or cross complement the flavors with a mint-infused reduced sugar ginger ale, or a lime-infused sugar reduced lemonade. Get creative and combine your favorite flavors while reducing your sugar intake.  Without using artificial sweeteners.

We hope this overview of pressure infusion helps to explain the process and highlight the beverage possibilities. If you have any unanswered questions email us, call us at 1-866-891-1445 or reach out on facebook anytime.


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