The Top 10 Ideas from 2016 will Sparkle Your 2017!

The Top 10 Ideas from 2016 will Sparkle Your 2017!

Welcome to 2017!  Kick the new year off right with the top 10 ideas from 2016. Enjoy this curated list of fruit infusions, sparkling juices, sparkling teas, sparkling wines & bubbly cocktails! From healthy to party fun, we had you covered in 2016.

#10 All Natural Sparkling Lemonade - Created with only real ingredients, this is a fast (no cooking), fun & natural take on a classic favourite.  A fun treat anytime.

#9 Berry Infusion - This sparkling water takes fresh, seasonal berries to infuse the taste of the season in your glass.  Berries not in season? Here's a trick, use frozen berries. They look and taste amazing when sparkled.

#8 Turning Healthy into Fun for Kids - Here's a tip. Get the kids involved in picking what goes in and pressing the button and you've got instant entertainment and the pride of a chef in his or her creation. No need to buy soda pop anymore - you've got a budding beverage mixologist in your home.

#7 OJ Spritzer - This one makes your orange juice last 5X longer and gives you 80% less sugar as a bonus. By spritzing your OJ the bubbles enhances the flavour and mouthfeel while being lighter and more refreshing. Try it!

#6 Ice Cold Now! - This is a simple but powerful tip. Add some ice cubes to the bottle before sparkling. There are 2 reasons to do it. One, you get an ice cold bubbly drink immediately. Two, cold water absorbs more CO2 so you get better bubbles!

#5 Detox Green Tea - Simple, all natural ingredients. Healthy and tasty, what more could you want?

#4 Using the Science of Herbs for Better Infusions - Yes, this is a geek out article. Still it is pretty cool that you get different, more pure flavours from your herb with infusion vs. muddling. It's due to the plant's natural defense mechanisms. Wild!

#3 Aperol Spritz - We were introduced to this amazing patio sipper at a local Italian joint this summer. We had to make it with our Bonne O. Sure enough, it's easy and even more delicious when you sparkle everything in the bottle. Enjoy!

#2 All Natural Reinvented 'Sprite' - Get even more citrusy goodness by using the real thing! Add the right combination of orange, lemon, lime and an optional touch of sugar for a natural twist on a classic.

#1 Mimosas! This year we did classic OJ mimosas, cranberry holiday mimosas, special holiday mimosas.  Mimosas for brunches, lunches and parties. Why not? Since you're sparkling the wine and the juice, it's the bubbliest mimosa around.

Thank you to every one of our readers and viewers in 2016.  Best wishes to everyone in 2017!

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